What's in the Box

Mnemonica is a web-based multiplex for private screenings, integrated with a powerful, secure file-transfer service to smoothly access content from any device.

It's ideal for anyone who needs to share confidential audio-visual content in a user-friendly, fast and safe way.

One login, three companions

An online private streaming service to manage Screening Rooms each with its own audience of selected Spectators who can access only by personal invitation.

A digital carrier to securely send and receive files or nested-folder trees of any kind and size.

Our stand-alone transfer manager for Windows, Mac and Linux to carry out transfers and live better.

Mnemonica Silverscreen

The streaming service for dailies, rough cuts and deliverables

Private screenings

Our Screening Rooms are flexible spaces dedicated to the viewing of content by specific audiences. Contents may be organized by Days and Scenes according to the production plan.

Two simple Roles

Only two types of authorizations are enough to keep content management simple and to protect Spectators’ privacy.

To each his own comfort

Spectators access their content through a simplified interface to view and comment on clips.

Total control

Spectators’ access authorizations can be finely managed in a transparent Admissions Panel.

App available for iOS and Android devices.

Mnemonica Post Office

Post Office

Safe sharing of unlimited sized archives

Integrated deliveries

Mnemonica Post Office, completely integrated with Silverscreen, allows all deliveries to be carried out within Mnemonica’s supervised environment.

Drop fallback solutions

The Post Office replaces and outperforms unsafe sharing tools like FTP, remote drives or consumer platforms.

No risk of forgetting

Each delivery has a limited custom lifetime after which its content is eliminated in order to avoid risky unrestrained file accumulation.

Mnemonica Gate


File transfers augmented

The Gate does it all

Mnemonica Gate works in tandem with the Post Office . Once installed it flawlessly carries out any upload or download outperforming the browser limitations.

The Gate does it better

It improves performance, makes transfers immune to connection failures and system malfunctions, and allows you to monitor their state from any device at any time.