What happened to my data? Cybersecurity in the audiovisual industry, risks and cures

Mnemonica and ANICA hold first cybersecurity awareness day in film industry

Yesterday an old dream of ours came true: the workshop “What happened to my data? Cybersecurity and audiovisual industry, risks and cures” finally took place, and it was an outstanding success.

A Very Long Wait

Why an old dream? We first proposed the idea to ANICA in 2019, as we felt the urge to address this delicate topic at the industry level. Then the pandemics got in the way, and year after year we had to put it off. Eventually, after Venice 79 we resumed talks and ANICA poured a lot of effort into the joint organization. The full room and the rich lineup of speakers from institutions and the industry, plus cybercrime experts painting the backdrop with the due lucid fear, have been the best outcome we could wish.

Our Interest in Cybersecurity is Our Clients’ Interest

As a service provider handling very precious materials, such as the working files and deliverables of highly demanded feature films and tv series, we have direct experience with how much people delegate observance of security practices to information systems and/or to other people. And we know how often black hat hackers spoil this laziness and other typical weaknesses to break into even the most armored places like Mnemonica.

Remember: cybersecurity cannot be delegated!

That’s why promoting this first day of information and awareness was among our top interests. Which always coincide with our clients’ interests, of course. And we kept trying until we saw it fulfilled. Hope it is the first of a long series.

Our Keynote In The Workshop

We also had one of the four keynotes there, through Piero’s sleek stage presence, about personal account maintenance. You can watch it here, among all the other contributions (in Italian, sorry!).

Special Thanks

To the artist Manuel Cossu who has granted us the use of his amazing painting “Eat that rat“, on which we built the poster of the event—title included!

A Little Press Review

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