The Viewing and Sharing Platform for the Film Industry

Screen and Deliver

A multiplex on the cloud with a perfectly integrated data transfer service.

Screening Rooms

Screening Rooms

Mnemonica has real remote Screening Rooms, nothing to do with folders. What is the difference? See here to discover.
Delivery Boxes

Delivery Boxes

You can move archives of unlimited size and complexity with comfort and security without leaving the platform.

From Casting to Deliverables

A unique value proposition that fits the whole production cycle.


Mnemonica from the very beginning

Use the versatility of our Screening Rooms to arrange media and information about candidates and roles with Bins and Tags, and retrieve them effortlessly for sharing and evaluation.


Places are part of the library

Collect photos or videos of environments in the Screening Rooms directly from your mobile. Take advantage of the specially designed Location Tag, to index and research content.

Camera Tests

Setting up your production

In the pre-production phase, Screening Rooms can be used to share and remotely discuss camera tests among directors, DOPs, colorists.


The set in your pocket

During shooting, use our Screening Rooms to arrange clips in Days according to the production plan. Anyone can easily create playlists, play, and comment clips even visually from any device. Automate content distribution and watermarking to many audiences, and keep control through viewing stats.

Editorial / VFX / SFX

Streamline post-production workflows

Upload intermediates, and let the Screening Rooms encode them into 1080p proxies for screening. Keep the original files to be used by the editorial team, and VFX/SFX operators.


Keep all materials together and ready

Use Mnemonica as a private on-demand TV: invite unlimited partners, stakeholders, colleagues, journalists, prospects to binge-watch deliverables in the Screening Rooms made for them, in full privacy and security. Watermarks included.


The road to the red carpet

Mnemonica API enables Festivals to harness the power, security, and ease of use of our Screening Rooms and Delivery Boxes to receive, classify, and evaluate submitted works while maintaining their own branded front-end.

Long term archiving

When the spotlights are turned off

Look ahead and use Mnemonica to build your company's library. Keep your projects and archives alive by maintaining all footage readily available on the cloud. No more scattering, no more searching, everything in one place, happily ever after.

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