Screening Gets Smart

Mnemonica Screening Rooms are a revolution of simplicity and power in Media Asset Management.


Screening is key at all stages of a cinema/TV project life cycle. Casting, locations, review & approval, post, marketing, sales. It must be ironclad and finely distributed in real time to diverse audiences. Folders and unsafe services are not enough.

Mnemonica Screening Room


Mnemonica’s got real Screening Rooms, not folders: secure, private places with DIY playlists, where browsing, watching and discussing are enjoyable like a game. But also active environments that can do much more.

Much More Than Screening


Select your playlist with one touch, and watch.


Review, comment in private, approve, stay up to date.


Each Room is a secure vault with its own watermark.


Keep all assets in one place, starting from intermediates.


Manage complex audiences with max ease and privacy.


Program routine operations saving time & money.

Clone, Set, Go

Clone, Set, Go

Create many Room Aliases always mirroring their master, set properties, and distribute the same content to many separate audiences with a single upload.
Schedule screenings

Schedule screenings

Schedule Rooms’ opening and closing times to stagger screenings with different priorities, or to delay admission until uploads are done.
Make your own playlist

Make your own playlist

Media-centered flat indexing, tagging, and a groundbreaking UI with instant filters let you shrink the Media Pool and refine your playlist in one gesture.
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