Scheduled Server Maintenance

Mnemonica Due.1 is coming to town!

Christmas is approaching, and we want to give a nice gift to our users. On Sunday, December 19, we will release a major update of our platform called “A Better Collaboration”.

Mnemonica Due.1 will include many new features to help our users collaborate more efficiently and result from the constant dialogue we have with you all. There will be new features in both Screening Rooms and Delivery Boxes, UI and UX enhancements, and improved overall performance.

For this reason, on December 19, from 9 to 11 CET, our servers will not be reachable.

On December 20 at 13:30 CET, our CEO will present the release’s new features in a live broadcast on our YouTube channel (subscribe to stay updated).

Mnemonica wishes all of you a magical Christmas in the company of the lovest ones.

See you next year!


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