Just Send

Mnemonica Delivery Boxes are the most secure and efficient way to move large assets during production.


Exchanging large archives is a crucial security and efficiency challenge in the production cycle.
Common bad habit: resort to consumer platforms.
Last chance: pay for an additional external service.
Delivery Boxes


Mnemonica has its own built-in, complete system to send / receive files and folders of any size and complexity.
Delivery Boxes are perfectly integrated with Screening Rooms and travel only among registered Users.

Send, Don't Store

Send folders or files straight from a Screening Room or from your local drive. No file size and nesting limits, no need for other repositories.

Send, Don't Wait

Choose the files, seal, send, and forget. Your Box will be delivered as soon as uploads are done. Meanwhile, you can still change the content.

Send & Send Again

All Boxes have an expiration date. While a Box is alive you can resend it as much as you want. Then it is logged in your History forever.
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