Stop cherry-picking email addresses

In Mnemonica, serving better a collaboration was not only a matter of composite features but also of understated tricks. The new bulk email (copy and) paste is one of those.

When you need to invite many users to a resource you can now count on this powerful hidden helper.

How it works

  1. Copy any mixed content that contains email addresses, from any text document – including web pages, XLS, CSV,  and all RTFs. Try here.
  2. Paste it in the relevant field, and here’s the magic: everything that is not email addresses will be automatically stripped off. Only the actual email addresses will survive and get pasted.

A lot of time saved by tasks that machines do better than humans.

Bulk paste works in the following windows:

  • Send Delivery Box
  • Invite Guests to Room
  • Invite Guests to Group
  • Invite Guests to Project

Product Sheet