Tip: the Nice Code™

Wondering what those three little letters next to the name of each item in the Media Pool are? They are our own invention, we called it Nice Code.

Mnemonica assigns each media uploaded to a Screening Room a unique three-letter code that helps users easily find an item regardless of its filename.

Filenames are often long, complicated, and unclear to most non-technical users. On the other hand, Nice Codes are simple, easy to locate and remember. In each Room, Nice Codes start from AAA and go up to ZZZ in alphabetical order.


How to use the Nice Codes

Next time you need someone to locate an item in the Media Pool, use the Nice Code.

  • Give your counterpart the Room’s name and the three letters of the item’s Nice Code and she/he will find it, among many others, in a blink of an eye.

Easy, right?

Remember: Nice Codes are searchable.

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