Mnemonica discontinues Huawei Mobile App

Bye bye Huawei

Making Mnemonica accessible to everyone has always been our mantra, regardless of the devices used. Therefore, with the release of Mnemonica Uno in 2020, we also introduced the version of our mobile app for the Huawei ecosystem hawked by the political-technological battle between the US and the People’s Republic of China.

Despite the maintenance efforts for this version, the market response has been limited, prompting us to drop support for Huawei AppGallery. At least for now.

The latest app available on this store is 3.4.3, which we will maintain until 30/06/2023. After that date, the app will be removed. We will therefore focus all our efforts on the two leading platforms, iOS and Android, to offer an even better and great product. I am sure you will understand us.

Our apologies go to all the Huawei AppGallery users.

Piero Costantini, CEO

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