Expand collaboration with Ingest Rooms

A brand new type of Screening Room has just appeared in Mnemonica since the latest release: Ingest Rooms.

They are designed to collect a defined number of files from Guests.

Their behavior is somehow opposite to other Room types: Guests can upload files to Ingest Rooms, while Team Members can’t.


How they work

  1. Managers set up an Ingest Room.
  2. When they invite someone, a Bin is created in the Room as the Guest’s personal space.
  3. Then Managers add one or more uploading slots to the Bin for the Guest to deliver their contributions. When the upload is complete, Managers receive a notification.

An Ingest Room can accommodate as many Guests as needed.

Guests can only see their Bin and will not be aware of any other Guests and content in the Room.

Read this article from our User Guide for more information about Ingest Rooms.


Most common use cases

Ingest Rooms are perfect for collecting:

  • home-made casting submissions
  • outsourced footage for collective films
  • submissions to film Festivals.

In general Ingest Rooms are helpful whenever there’s the need to collect a massive amount of media from several people outside your working team. That’s why Ingest Rooms can be controlled via API.


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