Farewell Spectators, welcome Guests!

GuestsAs you may have noticed, in the latest Mnemonica Due.1 release, Spectators have given way to Guests. Behind this replacement of labels is an actual expansion of powers geared towards better collaboration between users.

Since the beginning, the Spectator role had been used to allow end-users to view materials in a Screening Room. When we introduced the Delivery Boxes, the same role was assigned to Box recipients outside the Team. That was somehow unclear and led users to misunderstand some basic hierarchies.


The evolution

To give the users a more clear environment, we made some changes.

  • First, a Guest can now be invited directly to a Project and not necessarily as part of a Screening Room audience or as a Delivery Box recipient.
  • Secondly, a Guest can now exchange materials with other guests. That’s why we renamed the old Audience Control in Access Control:  to clearly define that this is the place where manage users outside the Team, whether they access a Screening Room or a Delivery Box.

Notice, though, that some basic rules dictated by security remain: in this case, like an old Spectator, a Guest will not be allowed to send Boxes to users outside the Project.


A practical example?

Now, as a Guest, a technician of an ADR facility can exchange files horizontally with Mix colleagues (third-parties, Guests as well), without the need to triangulate with Team members anymore. This means saving lots of uploads and downloads and time, of course.

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