Mnemonica Due

Introducing Mnemonica Due

Mnemonica Due upgrade is just out! We have worked hard to achieve a whole new balance of simplicity and security. As a part of this effort, we have redesigned our mobile App as the core of the Mnemonica vision and system, endowing it with some superpowers.

Minimal sign-up and sign-in, per-project optional Multi-Factor Authentication, and super-easy passwordless access with QR-code scan. Using the new Mnemonica mobile App on your personal device with biometric ID, login on any device and in any network amounts to a zero-input experience together with an industry-unique security level. And instead of dangerous side entrances through direct links, two easy data exits to send content to external platforms: our first integrations of a long series. Icing on the cake: HDR playback, for real connoisseurs.

Product Sheet