Mnemonica DUE.7

Mnemonica DUE.7: Even More UX Joy

We are happy to announce that the DUE.7 new release is available, aimed at further extending the UX boost we started in DUE.6.

IMPORTANT: after this release users are required to log in again to their mobile app and Gate.


We introduced right-click wherever there is an options button ( ) on a list item: a project, a screening room, a delivery box, a clip, an Access Control item, etc.



Please note: right-click works on multiple selections, too.



Drag’n’Drop Tab Selection

We have enhanced drag’n’drop to the Hub panel to directly select the Outgoing or Shelf tab by just hovering them when there is a different tab active.



News from the Shelf

The global tool icons in the top right corner have been slightly rearranged, and a new content badge has been added on the Hub icon to alert you when you received something new in your Shelf.



New Cloud Infrastructure

A new cloud infrastructure is now active under the hood, a major renovation that is invisible but noticeable through further performance improvement.



Various minor bug fixes and improvements.


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