Mnemonica once again is Venice Film Festival official ingest platform

Mnemonica as Venezia80 official ingest platform

The 80th edition of Venice International Film Festival is about to begin, and once again Mnemonica has support to its success as La Biennale’s official platform for ingesting all submissions.

This year, the effort has been 50% stronger than the 2022 edition, with more than 1800 feature films and nearly 1900 shorts collected, 60% of which were uploaded during the last week before the deadline.

As a result, the Program team has streamed screeners for 40.000+ hours and exchanged thousands of comments to define the Festival line-ups. Sure enough, it was a huge undertaking for them, and we hope we facilitated it substantially.

The best news for us is that during this feat – which surely was one of the most intense workloads we have ever gone through – the usual operation continued on Mnemonica like nothing happened! We are very proud of this result, which makes us look with even greater confidence at what the next future holds.

Mnemonica thanks all of La Biennale’s team, starting from President Alberto Barbera, for their renewed trust. We send them our best wishes for the Festival opening, confident that #Venezia80 will be an outstanding edition.

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