Tip: Working with Mnemonica Gate

Mnemonica Gate is our transfer manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux. An indispensable travel companion in the daily use of our platform.


What is it for?

Browsers were not designed as file transfer tools but as web page viewers. They can indeed transfer files, but they suffer from endemic limitations due to their nature. That’s why we created Mnemonica Gate: to simplify and strengthen complex archives transfers to and from the cloud.


The main features

  • Upload & Download with one-click of nested archives with hierarchical folder structures inside.
  • Prevention from system or network malfunctions. Mnemonica Gate does not lose the ongoing transfers; when the system or network resources are back again, they resume from where they left off.
  • Browser independence:¬†once the Gate takes over the transfers, the browser is no longer needed and can even be closed.

Read more about Mnemonica Gate on our Mnemonica User Guide.

How to install Mnemonica Gate.

Product Sheet