Introducing Project Analytics (beta)

As you all know, Mnemonica contracts are made of two simple components in addition to the duration: the total storage allowance and the monthly download traffic from Delivery Boxes and Rooms.

In the last minor release, we introduced a new important feature, by which all the Team members will be able to see how much a Project is consuming in terms of those resources. Just click on the Project Usage Stats icon, right below the Project title, to open a small panel showing the two essential consumption data.

Besides, the Company owners will be able to visit the Account Settings > Company page from their avatars in the bottom left corner to get a concise overview and a detail of all their Projects stats.

This is just a Beta version of our Project Analytics. In the months to come, we will introduce a more exhaustive and smart tool to give our users full control over their contracts usage stats and automatize the administrative part. Stay tuned!


Product Sheet