Mnemonica 2.4

Mnemonica DUE.4: Company management

This new release of Mnemonica introduces a major upgrade at the management level, plus a little trick to further ease your life.


The small thing: changing email

First, the easy part. Which is apparently a side thing, but actually a little revolution in Mnemonica: users can now change their email from the Preferences panel.

Just be careful not to confuse the old address with the new one! If you follow the steps in this article of the User Guide, everything will be super fine. There’s a little FAQ section, too.


The big thing: welcome Company management!

Projects in Mnemonica belong to Companies, the entities that hold a contract with us. Until now, the power to create and delete a Project was vested in one Owner user only, on behalf of her Company.

This somewhat tight situation is being expanded in the new release. We introduced a whole new layer overseeing all Projects of a Company, with a new user level hierarchically above Team Members. This upper floor allows for more rational management of a Company and its Projects.

The new layer is all in the brand new Company Management panel, which can be accessed from a new Company command in the user avatar menu. Read the Company Management panel article in the User Guide for more info.


Owners are no longer alone

The newly introduced users working on that upper floor are called, of course, Administrators. They are the Owner’s peers and companions. The Owner can invite other Administrator users to join them in Company management and Project management operations.

The Owner will still be primus inter pares among Administrators. She is the very first user of a Company and can transfer her role to another Administrator at any time.

See the Manage Company Administrators article in the User Guide for more info.


The powers of Administrators

Users with Administrator powers can:

  • Create, edit and delete Projects for one or more Companies.
  • Add and remove other Administrators.
  • Add and remove Managers to/from Projects.
  • Add and remove themselves to/from Projects.
  • Access Company usage data.
  • Edit Company details.

Albeit able to create and delete Projects, an Administrator does not necessarily take part in them.

The management of the Team Members remains unchanged at the Project level. But Administrators can also add Managers to any Project from the Company Management panel without entering the relevant Team Control.


A new way to create Projects

As you can expect, Projects are now created and deleted at the Company management level, i.e., in the Company management panel, where you will see a Create new project button.

However, you will also find a shortcut from the Project dashboard in the same place where the + button used to be, now replaced by the rocket icon saying “Manage Projects for…”. You will have to select the relevant Company before being redirected to the Company management panel.

Notice that, when creating a Project, the Owner and the Administrators will no longer be included among the Project’s Team Members automatically. If they want to actually operate in the Project, they can choose to do so by clicking on the Join Project button on the Projects panel.

The Projects panel also lists all Team Members of the Project and allows the Owner and the Administrators to invite and remove Managers to/from the Project, just like in the classic Team Control at the Project level.

See also this article from the User Guide.


One more thing…

Remember to update your mobile app to version 3.3.3. Here’s the iOS version, and here’s the Android one.


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